Books in the background

San Manuel Bueno, martire
Le dee dentro la donna
Anna Karenina
Le seigneur des porcheries
The wrong boy
Tipping the velvet
The ethical slut (, but.)
Guns Germs and Steel
The selfish gene
Razza e storia e altri studi di antropologia
Il pasticciaccio
L’amante senza fissa dimora
Il visconte dimezzato
Se una notte d’inverno un viaggiatore
Pattern Recognition
Histoire d’O
Economics (Samuelson-Nordhaus)
Oh the places you’ll go
The gruffalo
Il Grande Gioco
Qoelet (è lì, il millesimo uomo: 7,28)(e la donna coi lacci subito prima: 7,26)
Alexander McCall Smith (I’m almost 40)
Les infortunes de la belle au bois dormant – L’initiation
Alice Munro
Raymond Carver
Ralf König, vor allem Der Bewegte Mann, Pretty Baby, Super Paradise, Beach Boys, Lysistrata
Douglas Adams
Il secolo breve
Oliver Sacks
Attaccamento e perdita (Bowlby)


16 pensieri su “Books in the background

  1. Wish aka Max

    The Ethical Slut caught my attention, as it sounded as an oxymoron. So I googled it and found out what it is. Just wanted you to know ;)
    Ah, and I’m writing in English as you did so in the about page… ;) (I’m a bad person :D)

      1. Wish aka Max

        Do you want the truth? I’m intrigued. And fascinated. ‘Cause I’ve been thinking of similar matters, but using a totally different starting point, that is quantum physics. If you wanna have a look at this post you will find probably many things that will sound familiar.
        Anyway, I started reading your blog from the beginning as I felt something. And at a certain point I found some lowercase s and some capital D that intrigued me even more. You should really drop me a line.

    1. rckhsl Autore articolo

      I happen to write (and think) in English because my invisible friend I talk to all the time is an English speaking one. Max knows already :)

      Yes, Q is great. Have you tried some other titles on the list? They’re all great.

      1. Mr. Incredible

        … prefer writing rather reading it’s what I call the “Texas Syndrome” .. I am not able to finish Murakami after 6 months of stop & go.
        While Q was burnt out in 4 days.
        I’ll check the list, I am looking for new interesting books to be left uncompleted .

      2. Mr. Incredible

        :-) and Fabio Volo

        an ego not smaller than Texas…Texas Syndrome.
        But now I am starting to run out of oil, therefore moving to a more accomadating Rhode Island Syndrome.

        PPS. scrivo in Inglese ma occhio, meglio un morto in casa che un XXXX all’uscio! Ecco, io sono XXXX

    1. rckhsl Autore articolo

      Ecco, io ci metto tutta l’anima per dissimulare la mia posizione geografica (hit counters a parte) e tu mi induci a spiattellare tutto in questo modo?? :D



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